There's an app for that

"If you want to put lipstick on a pig, there's an app for that." (App For That)

While the above quote has practically nothing to do with manners or mothers, it is nonetheless both witty and indicative of the times in which we live.  The larger point, doubtlessly not lost on the well mannered modern mother, is that there isn't really an app for applying lipstick to pigs.  Nor is there an app for the public tantrum,  dead fish, broken arm, bruised spirit, best friend moving, learning disability, or accident at the grocery store. And yet, these days, that is exactly what people/parents want.  They want a quick fix, a diagnosis, a solution.  They want to 'solve the problem' and get on down the road.   This is not to say the iPhone isn't a wonderful tool for parents/people.  Many a well mannered mother {your gentle authoress included} has survived more than a few travels thanks to the children's movies and games on her iPhone.   This is simply to say life is messy, people are variable and in most cases it is time and patience - not excel spreadsheets and parenting apps - that will 'fix' what not so long ago was simply called part of life.



"Life's messy"..."Life's messy, clean it up." There's a Bissell for that:)

Anonymous said...

I could use an app for more sleep!

Smile and Curtsy said...

Oh yes, my 3 and a half year old son, loves to do drawings on my iphone! It's a great boredom buster!

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