A new kind of baby blues

Well mannered mothers lucky enough have all of their children out of diapers can count themselves doubly lucky for having likely missed this cringe-inducing product for the parents of very young children: the denim diaper. When introduced last spring, we tried to ignore these shocking contraptions, but we can’t hold our silence any longer, or maybe we just can't bring ourselves to tackle the big parenting issues, like whether or not having children makes you unhappy.

Whatever the reason, with regards to the denim diapers, we have ask, why? If a 40-year-old dressed like a teenager is just wrong, babies dressed like tiny adults are worse. Downright disturbing. Should we also buy our baby boys a a trucker hat, a plaid shirt with the sleeves cut off and a pack of smokes? Or a faux wallet chain? (It doubles as a plastic teether, BPA free, of course!) Or maybe a baby girl would prefer to style her denim diaper with a gingham shirt, knotted at the chest to better bare her midriff, pigtails, and a straw hat jauntily set to the side.

Why, oh, why do people like to miniaturize adult clothes for babies? Babies have years ahead of them to wear actual denim, rather than paper diapers printed to look like denim. Or they may, in the future, choose to festoon themselves in feathers, mix stripes with plaids, don spandex, or invent all manner of disturbing clothing combinations. Why not let them look like babies until, say, they’re old enough to have some opinion about their attire? As any mother of a 3-year-old can attest, it’s not a very long wait. 


Anonymous said...

Gag me with a spoon. Tickiest Tackiest ever!

Anonymous said...

You have to admit, though, that the television ads for these things are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Didn't the ad say they were only available for a limited time? That's a positive, but I wonder what might come next?

capabilitymom.com said...

My daughter and I were both equally appalled at these when we first saw them. So horrible. Let the manufacturers know!

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